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Leaving Cusco

I knew I would have to pay my dues when it came to flight travel.  My flight to Lima from Cusco was delayed two hours due to weather.  I had to go back to the counter to rebook my flights since I was going to miss my original connection to Quito.  I am now leaving Cusco at 10:30 arriving in Lima after an hour and a half flight then do not arive in Quito until 12:20 tomorrow morning.  I called the school so that they could tell my host family in Quito that I will be arriving late.

I do not mind this whole process.  I think since I did not fly much as a kid.  My family always opted for our 1995 green Volvo station wagon for long trips (much to siblings dismay – I had a period where I really liked to hit them with my elbows from the built car seat), everything is still very new and fresh and I really enjoy the entire experience of flying.

I cried this morning in the taxi when I left my host family and I guess it finally hit me that I was leaving Cusco.  My time here is a block of my life now.  It was only 3 months but it was a period of time that definitely shaped new aspects of my person.  I am very proud of myself for what I have accomplished thus far with my study abroad and can not wait to start volunteering.

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