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and it will be impossible for me to sleep in missing my 7:30 desayuno call here.  Not because my new host mother uses a cow bell, bull horn, or a frying pan upside my head but because my window is open and the sun shines directly onto my face.  I will never be late and have an incredible face tan.

I was with another host family but yesterday afternoon I moved.  I will write out a detailed explanation, but here is the short of it – they were awful.  Just the fact that you are willing to open up your home to foreigners does don’t make you Mother Teresa.  If you could get them to stop yelling at each-other for a moment you might be able to tell the cold hearted people.

I am off again today to the school where I will be exhausted only after 4 hours of watching the insane children.  My new host father picked me up at the ayer and was asking about my volunteering.  He was very entertained at my, “Los ninos son locos!”  The only down time we had yesterday was when they all started pretending to be drunk and after a few minutes of stumbling around slamming into each-other they all passed out.

Ahora es el tiempo para desayuno…hasta luego!

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