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In Quito Airport

I have been trying to catch my breath all morning.  I woke up at 4 AM and was unable to fall back asleep.  I laid in my bed with my eyes closed as long as could.  I watched my alarm go off on my cell phone and started dancing to the simple tone, throwing my hands in the air in joy.  I took a cold shower; I am convinced my host mom (who does not compare to the warmth and love of Belinda) turned off the hot water during my showers.  I did not let it bother me this morning.  I shaved, moisturized, and brushed my teeth.  Put my already outfit I had set out the night before and stuffed my toiletries in my what I would later find out overweight bag.  Though I only had to pay for one bag because, I was told, I spoke in Spanish.  Then I waited for my taxi to arrive.  When I left Cusco I started crying in the taxi, but not Quito, I only noticed that I had not ridden in a car but once or twice during my stay, I had only taken the twenty-five cents buses.

I realized yesterday that though I loved my experience in Quito working with the children, Cusco has my vote as my favorite.  I think a large part of that feeling is my family in Cusco and the friends I met while I was there.

Estoy listo para mi hogar y no puedo esperar para ver mi familia y mis amigos.  Mi vaije fue fantastico y muy importante para mi.  Adios Sudamerica…solo para ahora.

Ah…here come the tears.

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