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Thoughts on leaving South America

Today is my last day in South America as a part of my study abroad experience.  Since I sat down on my bed in Cusco, Peru, I have been looking forward to going back home.

I guess I am supposed to be able to say that I had the time of my life studying abroad, which I cannot say.  That is not to say however that my time was a failure or ill spent, because it definitely was not.

I am not fluent, but am confident in my Spanish speaking, reading and writing skills.  I was afraid that I had lost some of my Spanish when I came Quito because I no longer had Spanish lessons for 4 hours everyday.  Friday, my last day volunteering, removed my fears.  A group from Alma College, a small school in Michigan, came to the project, Ñeque y mas Ñeque to make a donation.  They gave the school a printer, four digital cameras and school supplies.  None of them, including their professor spoke Spanish so Diego, the director elected me as translator.  My first reaction was, “Uh-oh.”  Much to my pleasant surprise, I was able to translate everything, even what the children were saying into English.  A funny note: I was doing literal translations.  Example: I was putting the adjectives after the noun like in Spanish, I said things like: This printer important or these cameras digital.  I was proud and reaffirmed in my Spanish.

The whole point of that paragraph was to serve as an example on one feeling about leaving South America which is: I did what I came to do, to learn Spanish.  CHECK!  This accomplishment makes my time a success.

Maybe the most impressive accomplishment was the one I was least prepared for.  As I have explained before I came to S. America on my own.  This was the struggle of my trip.  Now, however, after living in a Peru and Ecuador having to make new friends constantly or when it came to Ecuador just hanging out with myself.  I have the ability to be alone.  Which is a big deal for me and very proud of myself for.

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